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Tianjin Maoqiang Technology Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Maoqiang Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional domestic trading company of Tianjin Boai Pipeline Technology Group Co.,Ltd. It mainly sells straight seam welded pipes, spiral pipes, anticorrosive pipes and insulation pipes produced by Boai Pipeline, Boyu Steel Pipe and Kejian Anticorrosion. At the same time it also sells hot-dip galvanized pipe, steel-plastic composite pipe, square and rectangular pipe, angle steel, channel steel, flat iron, sheet metal, silicon steel sheet and other metal materials. The annual sales volume is about 100,000 tons. Sales network throughout the whole country, supplemented by market sales, mainly based on engineering development and indirect exports.

Tianjin Maoqiang Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to provide our customers the best quality ,the most competitive price, the best service, and meet the market demand, supply personalized value-added service and form the competitive advantage in direct supply, trading and transportation area. We are looking forward to your long-term friendly cooperation to achieve mutual development and mutual benefit.

Add:   Taiping Village Industrial Area Daquizhuang Town Jinghai Tianjin

Tel:   022-68292562/68580470

Fax:   022-68292563

Email:  boyutong@tjboai.cc

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