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Boai industry held the 2012 annual commendation conference.
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At 1:00 p.m. on February 25, 2013, Tianjin Boai Industry held the 2012 Summary and Recognition Conference solemnly. 314 employees of Tianjin Boai Steel Tube Co., Ltd. gathered together to give each other their best wishes. They reviewed the hard work and harvest of the past year and sent a message to achieve good results in 2013.

The meeting was presided over by the general manager. At the meeting, the directors made a work report on "raising awareness, changing ideas, grasping details, and making unremitting efforts to improve the management of enterprises". Guo Dong highly summarized and comprehensively summarized 12 years of overall work, scientific and objective evaluation of the past year is a year of steady development, the achievements of enterprises have been fully affirmed, accurately pointed out the problems in the work, and put forward specific requirements for 13 years of work. We should, once and for all, carry forward the spirit of self-improvement, practical innovation, unity and courage to climb the summit of the enterprise, and make greater contributions to the better development of Fraternity Industry with practical actions.

Strategy talks about the development of the company: in 2012, a number of advanced individuals and advanced collectives emerged in various enterprises. They are pioneers and enterprising, are loyal to their duties, are dedicated to the model, so that all our employees learn from the model, is a model for all our staff to learn. We are proud of their outstanding contributions to BOE industries in the past year. The role of example is endless. We sincerely hope that the individuals and the collectives who are honored today will take this as a starting point and contribute all their strength to the greater development of Fraternity Industry.

Then, the company leaders awarded bonuses and certificates for the advanced individuals, outstanding cadres, advanced teams, advanced workshops, outstanding departments and advanced enterprises who performed outstanding performance in 2012. The representatives of advanced enterprises and advanced individuals took the floor. Finally, the general manager made a concluding speech full of affection: cadres at all levels should organize all staff to take the group and department as the unit, earnestly study the report of the chairman of the board of directors, make clear the goals for future struggle, and lay a good ideological foundation for the full implementation of the spirit of the conference. All staff should set up the idea of loving post and devoting themselves to work, being positive, being honored by the factory, winning by the factory, and actively devote themselves to the activities of striving for excellence in pioneering work, work and energy. For the company to fully achieve the objectives of 2013 and all get rich returns and unite to work together.

At 3 p.m., the 2012 summation commendation conference was successfully concluded by enthusiastic applause from all the participants.

A neat queue of staff


Advanced teams stand on the high podium.

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