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The company cares for the staff to celebrate their birthday.
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In order to promote the company's corporate culture and let every employee feel the warmth and care of the company's family, Tianjin Boai Steel Tube Co., Ltd. on the employee's birthday this day, meticulous birthday wishes for employees! On this special day, the company gives its employees recognition and thanks for their long-term hard work, and also expresses the company's little care for employees.

In the morning, the office director Ai Yuhong, workshop director Guo Shugang, Xu Chunyu and others on behalf of the company leaders personally delivered cakes, glasses and greeting cards to the hands of the birthday staff. In the applause and blessing, the birthday staff received the gift with gratitude. Happy Birthday to the participants in the background music, a friendly chat with each other, reflecting a warm atmosphere. By giving birthday to employees, each employee can feel the company's concern for employees and return, can feel a strong family affection.

Shaping good humanized management can promote the trust of employees and promote the healthy development of enterprises. Starting from the details, the company cares about the life of its employees, and sends them deep blessings and birthday gifts on the occasion of their arrival, so that each employee fully feels respected and loved, and enhances the sense of belonging of the employees. Through these details, let employees feel the love and care of enterprises.

Birthday celebration for employees is one of the measures of Fraternity to create corporate culture, implement the people-oriented concept, and embody humanized management. "It's only a small gesture to celebrate the birthday of the employees, but the company's love for the employees will also play a positive role in mobilizing the enthusiasm of the employees to love their posts and devote themselves to their work," Guo said. It can be said that genuine care sprinkled in every corner of fraternity, so that fraternity has formed a strong cohesive force, the staff can unite and struggle with the protagonist gesture, all the way to follow the growth of fraternity, rain and wind in the same boat.






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