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Boyutong travel in China World Trade Center
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On August 15, 2015, a total of 22 members of Bo'ai Steel Tube Group's Tianjin Bo Yutong team and their families set off from the coastal airport, boarded the plane to the south of Caiyun, and began a five-day trip to Yunnan. After the busy work in the first half of the year, the company arranges all the staff to travel, which is not only the embodiment of the company's people-oriented, but also to encourage everyone to make further efforts to better state to engage in the second half of the year's work. The event enriched everybody's spare time life, strengthened the feelings among colleagues, made Boyutong this big family more harmonious and loving, and enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise.


The whole journey lasted for 5 days, and the team of 22 people was always covered by a harmonious and warm atmosphere. Arriving in Dali for a little rest, we went to taste one of the authentic delicacies of Yunnan, sour soup pot, and then visited the ancient city of Dali to prepare for the next journey with pleasure.


Early in the morning of 16, we drove to Erhai with a full spirit. A beautiful natural picture of harmony between man and nature is formed by the colors of water and sky, mountains and lakes, and the brocade of golden shuttle. The famous Bai Sandao Tea, with its unique "head bitter, two sweet, three aftertaste" tea ceremony as early as the Ming Dynasty has become a Bai family etiquette for guests and friends. When we arrived in Dali, we were lucky to taste three tea and feel the culture of Bai people. Then we came to Lijiang, the ancient city situated at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The ancient town of Lijiang has a history of nearly one thousand years. It is a national historical and cultural city and the first batch of ancient cities of world cultural heritage that have entered the list of world cultural heritage in China.


17, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is another highlight of the trip to Yunnan. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is 5596 meters above sea level, and Yamashita Matsushiwa is green. The Yulong Snow Mountains melt into rivers, passing through a valley at the eastern foot of the snow mountain, forming the Blue Moon Valley, which looks like a blue moon inlaid at the foot of the Yulong Snow Mountains. After coming down from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, we watched the shocking performance - the impression of Lijiang. Taking care of each other on the road enhances mutual affection.





No. 19, we returned to Tianjin and ended the unforgettable trip to Yunnan. I believe that everyone will be more energetic and enthusiastic into spiral pipes, 3PE 3PP FBE anticorrosive pipes, insulation pipes, oil casing, oil and gas pipes, roller pipes, solar energy support pipes, sports equipment pipes, high-precision structure pipes, pile pipes and other products in the follow-up sales work. We should contribute to boyutong and build this big family together, because we are all family.


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