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Warmly celebrate fraternity pipeline technology to top eight top ten brands
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We warmly celebrate Boai Pipeline Technology's being selected into the top eight of the top ten brand rankings. In 2015, the Top Ten Brand Ranking Network aims to "guide brand consumption and build a good faith brand", providing a basis for brand selection for consumers and dealers. Brand Ranking Network, relying on the advantages of a reliable brand database, makes online voting recommendations. On the basis of comprehensive evaluation of relevant enterprise information, media reports and research institutes, the "Top Ten Brands" activities for industries with high brand reputation, good product quality and good corporate credit are launched in real time. The top ten brands are the leading brands in all industries and are the true embodiment of the brands in the Chinese market.

The principles of the emergence of the ten major brands are dynamic management principles and open and transparent principles.

The top ten brands are based on consumer satisfaction surveys and objective evaluation; are the result of the user's final experience; voted by netizens. Media publishing units: Sina. com, Netease, China Economic Network, Phoenix. com, China. com, China. com, China News Network, China Daily. com, Xinhua. com, CCTV. com, and more than 70 media released at the same time.

Please click the link to see the ranking details at http://www.10brandchina.com/brand/search.php?Kw=%E9%92%A2%E7%AE%A1&moduleid=13&x=52&y=16.

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