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The third workers sports meeting of Boai Pipeline Technology Group
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In order to promote the construction of enterprise culture and spiritual civilization, enrich the spare-time cultural life of employees, enhance the physical quality of employees, improve the spirit of teamwork and collective cohesion of employees. The third staff sports meeting of the group was held in June 2, 2016. More than 320 athletes from 10 projects and more than 20 teams attended the event. Group Chairman Guo Wenqiang, Boyu Steel Tube General Manager Guo Sanqiang, Boyi Pipeline General Manager Wang Ran, Group Manpower Director Liu Zhanquan, Jinghai Model Middle School Zhou Shaozhong and other four sports coaches were invited to attend the Games.


The chairman delivered the opening speech.

The Games were held in the Boyu Steel Tube Factory of the Group Branch. On the same day, the colored flags of the Boyu Steel Tube Tower were waving and the music was agitated. The staff and workers of each branch were uniformly dressed and radiant. More than 20 delegates lined up in succession to attend the Games. The neat pace and loud slogans displayed the spirit of solidarity and cooperation and positive progress of the fraternity. . At the opening ceremony, the chairman of the group, Mr. Guo Wenqiang, delivered an opening speech. He advocated that all athletes should develop their style in the competition and actively create a good cultural atmosphere for competition and harmonious enterprises. They should not only work hard, bravely strive for the first place, and make achievements in the competition, but also show friendship and style in the competition, show their personal and team demeanor and enterprises. Good looks. Finally, Mr. Guo Wenqiang, the chairman of the board, fired the gun to announce the official start of the games.


The chairman announced that the sports meeting would start.

Ten events including men's basketball, tug-of-war, badminton, table tennis and 400-meter relay were set up in the Games. On the competition field, all the staff and workers take an active part in the competition, each of them fighting for the first place and striving hard, showing the fitness spirit of "strong physique, cohesion, striving for the first-class" and the good competition style of "friendship first, competition second, emphasis on participation". The cheerleading squad is more passionate, cheering sound deafening, the cohesion of the team at this moment has been the best show...



Men's basketball match


Men's 100 meter race


4*100 m relay race


The table tennis match


Badminton competition


Tug of war


The three men tied up to run.


Group skipping competition


Women skipping competition


Sandbag throwing competition





This Games is a grand meeting to show the spiritual outlook of all employees of Boai Pipeline Technology Group. It fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of employees to participate in fitness activities, promotes the friendship and exchanges among employees, and promotes the spirit of solidarity, cooperation and hard work among employees. All the participants showed good competitive state and spiritual outlook, and further enhanced the cohesion, centripetal force and cultural charm of the fraternity.

Mr. Guo Wenqiang, chairman of the board of directors, made a concluding speech at the closing ceremony, calling on all the staff and workers to take the opportunity of the Games, with full mental state and high working enthusiasm, to devote themselves to all kinds of work, and strive for the successful completion of the strategic goal of "breaking through the encirclement" for three years, and to realize the essence of Boai Pipeline Technology Group. God civilization construction and material civilization construction double harvest!

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