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Significance of Changing Tianjin Boai Pipe Co., Ltd. into Tianjin Boai Pipeline Technology Development Co., Ltd
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After the State Council put forward the "Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Plan (2011-2015)", Tianjin Boai Steel Tube Co., Ltd. as a private enterprise, is in the forefront of enterprise transformation and upgrading. In 2012, the original 720 units and 1820 units were replaced by 820 units and 2540 units. After the replacement, the units have high degree of automation and stability. The product is positioned as "large diameter, super thick wall and high strength steel pipe". Marketing has also been upgraded from marketing to engineering orders, focusing on participating in large national projects. Today, the products of enterprises have a solid foothold in engineering.

In the government work report "Promoting scientific and technological innovation through institutional innovation", Premier Li Keqiang put forward the concept of mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation, which is very innovative. After China's economy enters the new normal, development needs to rely more on "innovation". Under this premise, the chairman of the board of directors made a decisive decision to change "Tianjin Boai Pipe Co., Ltd." into "Tianjin Boai Pipe Technology Development Co., Ltd." in April 28, 2016, the change was completed. The change adds product design, R&D and pipeline installation to the scope of business, and makes a better orientation, calibration and setting for the future development of the enterprise. It also marks the first step for the enterprise to change from manufacturing production-oriented to scientific and technological R&D-oriented. It also means that in the future development of the enterprise, through the relevant colleges and universities, Subject and key laboratory research resources docking, forming a new innovation chain, industrial chain and new alliance of production and learning, on the basis of carefully completing the current products, dedicated to spiral pipe product upgrading and development, to meet the domestic and international market demand for underground pipeline network construction trend. At the same time, the pipeline installation equipment and technical force should be improved and enriched to form an integrated operation mode of spiral pipe production, transportation and installation. This transformation and upgrading is of far-reaching significance.

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