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Congratulations on Boai Pipeline Technology Groups "Boai Brand" Series Products Winning the Second Prize of the Most Potential Innovative Brand
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Tianjin Boai Pipeline Science and Technology Group participated in the public selection of Tianjin's most influential and potential innovative brands held by the Organizing Committee of China National Brand Public Welfare Bank under the theme of "realizing a century's dream and reshaping Tianjin's splendor". Boai Pipeline Science and Technology Group won the second prize in this event.

We thank you for your concern and support. This is not only the recognition of the "Boai" brand steel pipe and anti-corrosion products, but also the incentive and promotion to us. In the future development, we should pay more attention to the R&D and improvement of products, ensure the high standard and high quality production of products, and strive to create high, fine, specialized steel pipe and pipeline anticorrosive professional manufacturers and pipeline service providers, to become an influential domestic and international national brand, to return customers and society!

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