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Participate in the 119th spring Canton Fair
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In May 2016, the international trade company participated in the 119th spring Canton Fair. As the longest, largest and most comprehensive international trade fair in China, Guangzhou Fair attracts buyers, traders and inventory traders from all over the world. By actively preparing for this event, we will publicize the brand and our superior products. Many old customers came to our booth to inquire about new products, but also met a lot of new friends in the same industry. Some customers in Southeast Asia are very interested in our samples, through communication and understanding, give our products very high evaluation, and give on-site quotation information; Others exchange contact information with us on-site, such as Wechat, expressed the hope of further communication and cooperation with us.

Through the exhibition of Guangzhou Fair, we have met many new customers, increased the popularity of enterprises, broadened our international market, and expanded the influence of Fraternity brand at home and abroad. At the same time, through face-to-face communication with customers from all over the world, we also understand the current international market trends and developments, which in the future to promote sales, promote business growth is very beneficial. Our goal is to let more potential customers know us, recognize us, accept us, and ultimately achieve cooperation, so that our products towards a broader international arena.


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