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Jinghai district leaders and entrepreneurs from various Inner Mongolia chambers of Commerce visit our group company.
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On May 28, 2016, more than 50 entrepreneurs from the government of Jinghai District of Tianjin, the leadership of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce visited our group. Guo Wenqiang, chairman of the group company and vice president of Inner Mongolia chamber of Commerce in Tianjin, accompanied by the whole process. He Yinong, deputy director of the People's Congress of Jinghai District of Tianjin, Yang Guangcai, deputy director of the People's Congress of Jinghai District and Secretary of the Party Committee of Daqiuzhuang Town, Cui Yueqing, chairman of the Industry and Commerce Federation of Jinghai District, Wang Guiqiao, Secretary of Caigongzhuang Town of Jinghai District, and Sang Shaolin, mayor of the Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce of Tianjin, and Guo Jianjun, president of Jilin, Hebei, Shandong, Guangzhou, Dalian, British Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce President, Secretary-General and entrepreneurs.

This trip first visited the production line of submerged arc welded spiral pipe of Boai Pipeline Technology Company of our group. General manager Wang Ran introduced the advanced equipment, technology, production capacity and advantages of 2540 large diameter spiral welded pipe production line in the production workshop. After that, we visited the 2540 major anticorrosive pipe production plants, the Department of anticorrosion and insulation engineering. Finally, we visited the production line of high frequency welded straight seam steel pipe of Boyu Steel Pipe Company of our group. The general manager Guo Sanqiang introduced the market advantages of API pipeline pipe, belt conveyor roller pipe, solar energy bracket pipe, sporting goods pipe and high strength structural pipe in detail.


During the visit, the leaders and entrepreneurs were delighted and exchanged views on the marketing of product development. Guo Wenqiang, chairman of our group, talked freely about the overall development plan and strategic objectives of the group in the future. The visiting party recognized and affirmed the future development plan and strategic objectives of Boai Pipeline Technology Group.

The visit and guidance of the leaders of the district and the entrepreneurs of the Inner Mongolia Chamber of Commerce will be a good promotion for the future stable, faster and better development of our group company. I believe that in the future development of the enterprise, there will be the attention and support of the local government and the leaders of all walks of life, the cooperation and progress of the entrepreneurs of the Chambers of Commerce, and the Boai Pipeline Technology Group. With concerted efforts and hard work, Boai Pipeline Science and Technology Group will become a professional manufacturer and service provider of steel pipe and pipeline anticorrosion in China, and become the most influential national brand in the domestic and international market.


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