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Changing self mentality and melting team efforts
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We should break through the mindset, re recognize ourselves, enhance our sense of cooperation, and enhance our team's operational capability. On August 6-7 and 13-14, Boai Pipeline Group organized all logistics staff and production team leaders to conduct outdoor outdoor development training activities in two batches. Training through the participation of a number of game activities, so that employees understand a lot of life philosophy and working methods, especially the profound experience of the great role of team strength. So that employees can change their mentality, dare to face the challenges of work and life, inspire innovative thinking and improve the ability to solve problems. At the same time, cultivate team spirit of cooperation and mutual support to enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the team.

During the outward bound training, each batch is divided into four teams. The team leader, the team secretary and the flag bearer are selected and their team name, team call and team song are established respectively. In the activities, the training instructors are strict, disciplined, and punished severely. One person violates the discipline and the team is punished collectively. Each team obeys the command, is sincere and United, and collectively fight for the collective honor.


Military posture and queue training enhance individual perseverance and organizational discipline.





"Dragon water intake" and "inspiring the hearts of people" let us realize solidarity and cooperation.


"Extreme speed of 60 seconds" gives us a sense of breakthrough and efficient implementation.



"Relay station" and "supersonic" let us understand rules, communication and execution.



"High altitude joint bridge" and "Sky Tower", we feel confident and teamwork.




"Minefield takes water", "tiger's mouth is out of danger" and "trust backs fall". We realize trust and responsibility.

Graduation wall is the result of testing the outward training for two days. The 4.2-meter-high escape wall can not be used by any external forces, all members of the team must be within the specified time one by one over the escape. No rope, no ladder, only everyone's shoulders and hands, carrying the hope of escape. In this training, advance planning, teamwork, efficient implementation, strong sense of responsibility and cohesion have been exerted to the extreme, do not abandon not give up, the task is finally successful.



At the end of each training project, the training instructors and team members will sum up, think, share the reasons for failure and the successful experience, and combine the training gains and losses with the actual work, analyze how to apply the gained experience and gains to the specific work, and make the best of the work.

In training and games, you can learn from repeated failures and develop improved strategies to succeed, but you can't allow them to fail over and over again if you're linked to actual work. This requires us, as an enterprise, a team, first of all to establish clear goals, and to draw up practical plans, formulate the rules that must be followed, that is, the rules and regulations of the company, each person perform his or her duties, tap the potential, play an efficient execution, focus, and do things to the extreme, and each other. Communication, mutual trust, mutual cooperation, the courage to assume responsibility, willing to dedicate, then our enterprise will be invincible, indestructible, no going but disadvantageous! This spirit is also closely related to our corporate culture.

There is such a sentence: the same piece of iron, can be sawed and destroyed, can also be made into steel; the same team, can be mediocre, can also achieve great cause! Only after a lot of hard work can we train a brilliant teacher.

Training time is short, but far-reaching, training gains and inspiration for everyone is a permanent asset. We should apply the experience we have learned in outward bound training to our future work, so that we can fully integrate ourselves into a team of high efficiency, unity and cooperation, and excellence.

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