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Merge into nature and bloom
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In order to carry forward the enterprise culture, enrich the amateur cultural life of employees and let everyone work happily, Boai Pipeline Group organized and managed cadres, front-line monitor and advanced individuals in 2015 to carry out a three-day tour in batches. The first group of 26 people left the compound at 6:30 a.m. on September 9. On the way, everyone was in a good mood. They expressed their joy by singing, telling jokes, guessing riddles and so on.


According to the arrangement of the trip, we have visited Laojunding Drifting Scenic Area, the world's wonders Red Beach Scenic Spot, the world's first wonder, the sea's strange mountain - Magical Xianqiao Bijiashan, the best observation platform - Dragon head, Huludao Longhai Bay seashore.

In the drifting of Laojunding River Valley, we experience the passion of water play - fighting, sometimes attacking, sometimes closing, splashing water, laughter, infinite joy.


On the way to the Red Beach Scenic Spot, the beauty of the Red Beach Scenic Spot has just been intoxicated. After arriving at the Red Beach Scenic Area, the first one was a boat ride across the rippling lake, which was surrounded by thick reeds, making Wolong Lake more mysterious. Then hurriedly rushed to the Red Beach, see a red beach, was immediately fascinated by the scenery, standing on the Nine-Curved Bridge, look at the red beach, 10,000 Mu red salad grass, embedded in the Crescent Bay wetland, amazing, we can not help but admire the nature of a wonder. Looking back on the endless golden rice paddies, the rice paddies are distributed regularly, walking along the field path, looking at the heavy ears of rice, closing their eyes and smelling fragrance, feeling the joy of a bumper harvest.



Visitors to the magic bridge Bijiashan, we feel the sea waves, but also feel the pleasure of the yacht breaking the waves. Mount Bijiashan Island, a large number of cultural relics and historic sites, of which the Sanqing Pavilion is the representative of ancient buildings, because its six stories up and down are stone imitation wooden structure, without a single nail. Standing at the top of the pavilion, looking far into the distance, seeing the panorama of Fayu Temple and the oil fields on the bank, seeing the spectacular sea, makes people relaxed and happy.


Then I saw the beauty of the sea again in Longhai Bay and Longhai Bay. Some people trampled on the beach and played with sand. Some people felt the charm of the sea quietly. Some people strolled along the beach. Some people picked up stones by the beach. Standing on the sea view, I saw the beauty of the sea and felt the grandeur of the sea.



This tour not only let the staff enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature, edified the sentiment, but also created a united, active and enterprising atmosphere for all staff. On the way back, the staff and workers, while recalling the beautiful scenery, thanked the group for this opportunity to broaden their horizons and relax their mood. One after another expressed that after returning to the company to work harder, with their own practical action to return the care of the enterprise!



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