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Appreciate natural scenery, increase experience and experience
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Appreciate the natural scenery, increase experience, relax and enhance the sense of collective honor. On September 23, 2016, Boai Pipeline Group organized and managed cadres, front-line squad leaders and 2015 advanced individuals to start the second three-day trip to Beijing. On the way out, everyone's excitement and excitement could not be restrained, and the cheers, laughter and singing were flying in the bus.

When the golden autumn in September, the weather is pleasant, beautiful scenery on the way. When the first battle arrived in Gubeishui Town, there were picturesque and elegant water towns with picturesque houses, old streets with bluestone slabs, long alleys, and tributaries of the ancient Tanghe River. Ancient buildings and houses were built on the basis of water. Under the cover of fresh air, blue sky and white clouds, green water waves and ginseng poplar, they were almost unknown. Xanadu. Passing through a small town, feeling the beauty of ancient architecture culture, it is intoxicated.




With the nostalgia for the ancient town, we came to the foot of the Great Wall. The the Great Wall is designated as one of the world's outstanding human cultural heritage. Professor Luo Zhewen, an expert on the Great Wall, said: The Great Wall is the most important building in China, and Simatai Great Wall is the most important one in China. The Great Wall winds down from the mountains on both sides of Simatai Reservoir, especially as the Dragon drinks, and leaps up like a dragon to the east of the reservoir. We helped each other all the way to the top of the mountain and looked up. The Great Wall of Simatai leaned against the blue sky, surrounded by white clouds, and the mountain was steep and steep. At the foot of his head, the cliff was cut like a knife and axe, and a few mists hung on the cliff. It was even more steep and dangerous. The continuous Yanshan Mountains surged up and piled up innumerable fantasies. I can not help but sigh the nature's uncanny workmanship, and sigh the wisdom and strength of the ancients.



Then we came to Shilin gorge. The mountains are steep and steep, with huge rocks and exotic stones all over the mountains. The whole mountain forest is lush, the strange pines and cypresses are verdant and upright, the long Canyon is quiet and beautiful, and the waterfalls and pools are dotted with water. It is like a vivid natural picture scroll, with both the magnificent momentum of the north and the beautiful and colorful of the south of the Yangtze River. Moved, relaxed and happy, as if melting between nature and landscape. On board the titanium alloy flying saucer glass viewing platform, which has many world first names, once again laments the human wisdom and the strength of science and technology.


Finally, we visited the Jinhai Lake, which is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with its green peaks and beautiful scenery. We once again felt the magnificent rivers and mountains of our motherland and realized the magic of nature.


The trip to the ancient town has been exercised and enriched in both physical and mental aspects. During the journey around a series of corporate culture activities, all of us have a profound understanding of the connotation of corporate culture, deepened the love of the company and the sense of mission and responsibility, and enhanced the communication between departments and team cohesion. Every wonderful moment of tourism will become the eternal memory of all. Thanks for the care of the company leaders, we will sincerely unite, confident 100 times to participate in the future development of Boai Pipeline Group, and grow with the enterprise, a total of brilliant!

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