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The second staff speech contest of the group
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Through speech learning and experience, comprehension, to completely change the thinking of employees, enhance their language communication skills, enhance the value of employees, so that employees become more valuable and stronger. From the afternoon of January 13, 2017 to the 15th, in the training center of the Group, the top, second, third and higher managers of Boai Pipeline Group attended the 2nd Group Staff Speech Competition.

Guo Wenqiang, chairman of Bo'ai Pipeline Group, is the mentor who shares his experience with us. He has condensed the profound connotation of the group's corporate culture, learned the significance of speeches, learned some skills needed to master in speeches, and learned how to make speeches, how to cultivate his own temperament and temperament, how to increase his own momentum, and how to build his own momentum. In many ways, the sharing tutor combined with years of accumulated sediment, insight, humorous and witty language, concise, quoted classics and classics with the students to share wonderful, so that students once again deeply understand the powerful charm of the speech.


This training and learning, still in the form of group PK, through the participants'self-introduction, learning heart sharing, one and a half impromptu speeches and three-minute proposition speeches and other links, so that each student on the stage, personally experience. After two days and two nights of study and PK rehearsal, each student has made great progress, breaking through psychological barriers, eliminating stage fears, fully opening up self-confidence, full release of passion, speech ability once again significantly improved.





Impromptu speech




Three minute speech


Just listen and start listening.


Just begin with praise.



Open the nature of self release.




Throughout the learning process, the enthusiasm of each team is high, and the shouting and shouting of team members inspire each other. One after another, the atmosphere on the spot is very active. The trainees concentrate, devote themselves wholeheartedly, release their natural instincts, and fully display their sense of collective honor, team cohesion and centripetal force.

In this speech contest, participants will share their speeches on stage and give a 7-minute passionate speech PK. Finally, the winners, runners-up and runners-up will be chosen by secret ballot, and the best topics, potential, popularity and Image Awards will be awarded. According to the final score, the study will be selected. Team champion with excellent performance.








Finally, the sharing mentor and the general manager of the branch company presented the winners of the competition on the spot. The winners made a speech on the platform of the championship, the second place and the third place, and shared their own growth in learning. The team champion team leader also made a speech on the stage, sharing the experience of team building. The youth team is brave enough to take responsibility.


Sharing the photo of the mentor and the prime minister with the winners.


Sharing mentors to award the winning team


Be brave in taking responsibility and making promises.

The group's second staff speech contest in the students'self-breakthrough, self-improvement in the excitement of the call to a successful end.


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