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Breakthroughs in self consistency and consensus melting team (1) - seven Caspian outward bound training activities of Boai Pipeline Technology Group
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The aim is to cultivate the perseverance, courage, responsibility and self-confidence of the staff, strengthen the team communication ability and cooperation spirit, enhance the sense of collective honor and team cohesion and centripetal force, and build an excellent team. From May 20 to 21, 2017, Boai Pipeline Science and Technology Group organized logistics staff and team leader to Ninghe River Qilihai Development Base to carry out a two-day experiential outreach training activities.

The first batch of trainees totaled 59, uniformed dress, full of spirit, fighting spirit, on time to reach the development base. Under the leadership of the instructor, we were divided into six teams and conducted military training. With the instructor's command, the teams moved quietly, arranged neatly and sounded loud, reflecting the good spiritual outlook of the Humanity Pipeline Team.

military training

In the afternoon, with the ice-breaking ceremony held in the training room, the prelude of experiential outward bound training was opened. After that, the students of the six teams participated in nine classic projects, including "Leadership Style", "Jiaolong Going to Sea", "Climbing the Sky Stealth", "Stealing the Sky Trap", "Breathing Strength", "Running the Deer Central Plains", "Crossing the Minefield", "Team Energy Circle" and "Graduation Wall". In the learning and training, one by one elaborate development projects stimulated everyone's strong interest and enthusiasm in participation, in the process of cross-cutting development experience, team members with the common cooperation, conquered one after another thought impossible to complete the project, challenged the limit, stimulated the potential.

Leader's demeanor

The dragons go to sea

Climb the ladder

Stole the trap


The power of breathing

Traversing mine array

Team energy circle

Graduation wall

At the end of each project, we shared the joy and challenge of success. We fully appreciated the management consciousness and art related to team trust, effective communication, empathy, rational organization, leadership, execution and teamwork. In the course of the activity, everyone actively participated, brainstormed, bravely challenged themselves, cheered each other, encouraged each other, overcome psychological barriers, did not escape not give up, all the teams have successfully completed the training of the development projects.

Through outward bound training, we can experience what a team is and the importance of communication, collaboration and team strength. To achieve a goal, we must plan carefully in advance and control the process. Strong leadership, reasonable division of labor and close cooperation are the key factors for a team to succeed and win. The only way to profit.

The outward bound training is over, but the shock that stays in everyone's heart is eternal. No matter what attitude and behavior we used to take to work and life, it is not important. The important thing is that after this training, we must change ourselves and bring out the essence and potential of outward bound training. Can be applied to the actual work, cohesion of consensus, concerted efforts, the courage to challenge, the pursuit of excellence, in order to achieve the group and individual development goals of win-win struggle!


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