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Refining Will Breakthrough Self-cohesion Melting Team-Expanding Training Activities for All Front-line Staff of Boai Pipeline Group in 2017
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Honing the will of employees, enhancing team communication and cooperation spirit, enhancing team cohesion and centripetal force. On June 11, 2017, Boai Pipeline Technology Group organized all front-line staff to conduct an experiential outward bound training camp activity of "concentrating, cohesion and building an excellent team".


At 7:00 a.m. on the same day, 186 members of the training team gathered in Boyu Steel Pipe Compound. They were dressed neatly, energetic and enthusiastic. During the opening ceremony, all the team members completed the team building in 10 minutes. Nine teams shouted the team name and team call, sang the team song, loud voice, and shocked the training ground.

In the beginning of the "military training", each team strictly obeyed the instructions of the instructor, meticulous, dedicated persistence, a quiet, uniform, loud voice. It shows the good appearance of humanity and solidarity and dedication.

Next, the team has carried out a total of five training programs, namely, drum beating, tiger mouth escape, challenge NO1, leadership style and gratitude. On the training ground, they forget their age, their gender, their job status, and they throw everything away and devote themselves wholeheartedly to training. Under the leadership of the captain, he bravely faced difficulties and challenges, cooperated with each other, encouraged and supported each other, without blame, complaint, abandonment or abandonment. Eventually, every team passed the test successfully.

Beat the ball with a drum

The tiger's mouth is out of danger

Challenge NO1

Leader's demeanor - Mission

The heart of gratitude

The seemingly simple game contains profound truth. Through the personal experience of each event, each player is inspired to challenge himself, transcend his potential, and strengthen his will to overcome difficulties. Let the team members better understand the communication and cooperation between the team, understand the importance of team strength, feel that the smooth completion of the goal is inseparable from the unified command and coordination, understand the responsibility and responsibility, understand the trust and commitment, while overcoming the fear of darkness and the unknown, feel grateful heart to work Do, you will not complain, you will feel that work for themselves, you will be criticized when you will not feel wronged, with gratitude to live, you will feel full, happy, happy.


This experiential outward bound training is a physical and mental baptism, a process of thinking transformation, is to further promote all front-line staff to do a good job of motivation. This is not just a simple training, but a culture, a spirit and an idea. A day of outward bound training, enhance the team's cohesion and centripetal force, enhance the sense of collective honor, the sense of mission and responsibility of all the participants has been very good sublimation. I believe that in the future development, all front-line staff will bravely meet every challenge with a new attitude, wholeheartedly into the work, with conscience to do things, continuous efforts, continuous progress, to achieve a win-win development of individuals and enterprises.


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