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Electric Power Pipe

Taxonomy:Spiral Steel Pipe

Product number:A007

Shelf time:2014-09-09

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Product introduction

Product Name: electric power pipe

Standard: SY/T5037-2012

Steel grade: Q345B

Specifications: 508 x 10 x 12000mm

Technical requirements:

Outer diameter deviation: tube body is less than or equal to 0.75%D; pipe end is less than + 0.50%D or% + 4.5mm, take small value.

The thickness deviation is less than or equal to 0.1t.

Ellipticity: the maximum outer diameter is less than 1%D, and the minimum outer diameter is less than 1%D in the 1000mm length range of the pipe ends.

Length deviation: +/-50m;

Straightness: the full length of the steel pipe is less than 0.2%L.

Slant: less than 1.6mm;

Groove angle: 30 degree -35 degrees;

Blunt edge: 1.6 + /-0.8mm;

Outer weld height: less than 3.5mm;

Internal weld height: less than 3.5mm;

The hydrostatic test pressure is more than 10.9MPa, the time of stabilizing is more than 10s.

NDT: every 10 roots should be pumped at least 2 for full length RT.

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