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Single Layer Epoxy Powder Anticorrosive Steel Pipe

Taxonomy:Anticorrosion Pipe

Product number:011

Shelf time:2014-07-08

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Product introduction

Product Name: single layer fusion bonded epoxy powder coating anticorrosive steel pipe

Standard: SY/T0315-2005

Specifications: 219.1 x 8.7 x 12000mm

Coating level: strengthening level

Technical indicators:

Coating thickness: greater than or equal to 400 m;

28 d resistance to cathode stripping: less than 8.5mm

24 h or 48 h cathodic stripping: less than 6.5mm

Anti 1.5J impact (-3 0 C): no leakage point.

24 h adhesion: level 1-3

Anti 30 bending: no crack

28 d resistance to cathodic stripping after bending: no crack

Chemical resistance: qualified

Wear resistance (knockout method): > 3L/ M

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