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Internal And External Liquid Epoxy Spray-painted Anticorrosive pipe

Taxonomy:Anticorrosion Pipe

Product number:C005

Shelf time:2014-07-08

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Product introduction

Product Name: epoxy coal tar anticorrosive steel pipe

Standard: SY/T0447-1996

Specifications: 406 x 8 x 12000mm

Coating level: specially reinforced type

Technical indicators of anticorrosive coating:

Thickness of dry steamed bun: greater than or equal to 0.6 mm

Shear bond strength: greater than or equal to 4MPa

Cathode stripping: Grade 1-3

Power frequency electrical strength: greater than or equal to 20NV/m

Volume resistivity: greater than 1 x 1010 ohm. M

Water absorption; (25 C, 24h) < 0.4%

Oil resistance (kerosene, room temperature 7D): passed

Boiling water resistance (24h): passed

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