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Internal Corrosion Protection Of Mortar Lining Steel Pipe

Taxonomy:Anticorrosion Pipe

Product number:C006

Shelf time:2014-07-08

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Product introduction

Product Name: cement mortar lined steel pipe internal anticorrosive steel pipe

Standard: CECS10-89

Specifications: 2020 x 18 x 12000mm

Coating level: specially reinforced type

Technical indicators of anticorrosive coating:

Deviation of lining thickness: mechanical 15mm, deviation -3mm ~ +4mm manual 17mm, deviation -3mm ~ +4mm

Surface roughness: gap less than 2.0mm

Surface roughness: smooth and grit free.

No more than 5 cm 2 holes in surface defect, no more than 5 cm 2 holes in surface defect and no greater than thickness tolerance in depth of a single defect.

The empty drum area should not exceed 400cm2

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