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Outer Epoxy Coal Tar Inner 8710 Anticorrosive Pipe

Taxonomy:Anticorrosion Pipe

Product number:C010

Shelf time:2014-09-22

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Product introduction

Product Name: bonded epoxy powder external anticorrosive steel pipe

Standard: fused epoxy powder exterior coating, anticorrosive SY/T0442-2010

Specifications: 2020 x 18 x 12000mm

Coating level: enhanced S

External anticorrosive technical indicators:

Epoxy coating: > 120 m;

Adhesive layer: more than 170 micron m;

The minimum thickness of anticorrosive coating is greater than or equal to 3.2m.

Peel strength (N/cm) 20 C + 5 C: > 100

50 C + 5 C: 70

The cathode is stripped at 65 C and 48h/mm: is less than 6.

Cathodic stripping (maximum operating temperature, 30d/mm: < 15)

Curing rate and curing percentage of epoxy powder:% or more than 95

The value of glass transition temperature is less than 5 Tg.

Impact strength: greater than or equal to 8J/mm

Anti 2.50 bending: polyethylene has no cracking.

Internal corrosion resistance indicators:

Thickness of inner coating: more than 500 m

24h or 48h resistance to cathode stripping: less than 6.5 mm

Bonding surface porosity (grade): 1-4

Section porosity (grade): 1-3

Impact resistance (8J): pinhole free

Wear resistance (1000g, 1000 turn -17 wheel): less than 20

Adhesion force (drawing method): > 20MPa

(pry stripping): level 1-2

Bending resistance (3 degree): no crack on the coating

Salt spray test (1000h): coating without change

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