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Double Layer Fusion Epoxy Powder Coating

Taxonomy:Anticorrosion Pipe

Product number:C011

Shelf time:2014-09-22

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Product introduction

Standard: Q/CNPC 38-200Z

Coating grade: strengthening level

Technical specification: minimum thickness of deep bottom is more than 300 m.

"Surface" is more than 500 m

The total depth is more than 80 m.

24h or 48h. cathode stripping: less than 6

Porosity at the bottom section: grade 1-4

Porosity of bottom bonding surface: grade 1-4

Adhesion of 24h or 48h: grade 1-2

0 degrees C or -30 C, resistance to 1.5 degree bending: no crack.

Anti 15J impact: pinhole free

50kg scratch resistance: scratch depth less than 500 m without leakage point.

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