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Precast Directly Buried Elbow

Taxonomy:Insulation Pipe

Product number:016

Shelf time:2014-07-08

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Product introduction

Product Name: Precast directly buried elbow

Standard: CJ/T155-2001

Specifications: 219.1 x 8.7 x 12000mm

Performance index of external protection pipe:

Density: not less than 940 kg/m3. Carbon black: 2.5% + 0.5%.

The difference of melt flow rate: less than 0.5g/10min

Tensile yield strength: greater than or equal to 19 MPa

Elongation at break: greater than or equal to 350%

Longitudinal retraction rate: less than 3%

Tensile force (80 C, minimum yield time 1500h): greater than 4MPa

Insulation layer technical indicators:

The obturator rate of foam is more than 88%.

Foam density: greater than or equal to 60 kg/m3.

Compressive stress: greater than or equal to 0.3MPa

Water absorption: less than 10%

Insulation pipe technical indicators:

External diameter increase rate: less than 2%

Allowable deviation of centerline: less than 10mm

Angle deviation: less than 2 degrees.

Shear strength: 23 + 2 centigrade, greater than 0.12 MPa

140 + 2 centigrade, greater than 0.08MPa

Chopping impact: there is no visible crack in the outer guard tube.

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