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Boai Pipeline Technology Groups 2018 annual work summary and Spring Festival gala is grandly held
Author: Source: Views: Date:2019-06-09 17:03

Happy words in the year of the dog old, the year of the pig year of good luck! Farewell to an unforgettable 2018 and usher in a brand new 2019. On January 16, 2019, Tianjin Boai Ppipeline Technology Group "2018 work summary and Spring Festival party" was solemnly held in the group training center. All the management cadres of the group, more than 30 people attended the meeting. Chairman guo wenqiang and President guo sanqiang attended the meeting.


The conference opened under the chairmanship of group administrative human resources director ai yuhong.

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First of all, the group President Guo Sanjiang for Tianjin Boyu Steel pipe co., LTD., Tianjin Boai Technology Group co., LTD., Tianjin Kejian Anticorrosion Technology Co., Ltd . TianJin Boyutong International Trade Co.,Ltd. Tianjin Maoqiang Technology Co., Ltd.  five companies such as product sales situation in 2018, the production and business operation situation and situation of product quality, personnel training, equipment management, team building and so on six items made a comprehensive, objective and fair. The year 2018 has been a year of harvest. It is obvious to all that we have achieved such good results. Thanks to the team, all the cadres and employees, these achievements are inseparable from everyone's efforts. Also on the problems of product quality, inductrial injury, high inventory problems, the staff overall quality deeply analysised the problems and deficiencies, around in group company "five-year strategic goal" as the center, puts forward the group company in 2019 "brand, innovation management, quality efficiency, promote the culture and green development" development goals and direction.


Next, with the company representative to speak, wang yong, the deputy general manager of sales of Boyu steel pipe, Wang Erdong, The sales manager of Boai Pipeline,  Wu Qinggen, Deputy general manager of production technology of Boyu Steel Pipe, Wu Zhanfang, Deputy general manager of production technology of Boai pipeline , and Li Hongquan ,Group marketing cooperation center director and general manager of Maoqiang Technology separately on behalf of the company and department, general manager on the 2018 annual work report, expatiates on how to realize the goal and in 2019, have said, determined to complete the task indicators in 2019.


In the end, the chairman Guo wenqiang generalize comments on the group company in 2018, three years "break through" strategy in running the overall work, to each enterprise, the team has accomplished with gratitude, thank you to give the full affirmation, and once again to the group of companies "five-year strategic goal development plan" 11235 guidelines "one goal, one location, two guide, 3 and 5 security" grand strategy and the implementation of the enterprise future development, expounds the important significance of cadres to the company and group full we hope - 3322 is "three gratitude fear, two to dual purpose: Thanksgiving meet, Thanksgiving platform, Thanksgiving leaders; Fear career, fear team, fear leadership; Discard the false and retain the true, to the false and retain the real, honest and upright; Do good deeds with conscience, do a good job with conscience ", put forward the hope and blessing for the development of each team, strategically, encourage the energy.

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