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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Issues Announcement of Action Plan for Industrial Energy Saving Diagnostic Services
Author: Source: Views: Date:2019-06-11 10:31

May 23, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Action Plan for Industrial Energy Saving Diagnostic Services".

Industrial energy-saving diagnosis is a comprehensive diagnosis of enterprise technology and equipment, energy efficiency and energy management system. It helps enterprises to find energy problems, find energy-saving potential, and improve energy efficiency and energy-saving management level. Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, through improving energy-saving policies and regulations, improving the standard system, strengthening energy-saving supervision and promoting energy-saving technological transformation, the energy efficiency level of enterprises has been continuously improved, and the energy efficiency of some advanced enterprises in some industries has reached the international advanced level. However, due to the weak awareness of energy conservation, insufficient technical force, imperfect management system and other factors, there is still a big gap in the level of energy efficiency among enterprises in different regions and industries. It is urgent for enterprises to further save energy, reduce consumption, reduce costs and increase efficiency. In order to meet the energy-saving needs of enterprises, support enterprises to tap the potential of energy-saving, continuously improve the level of industrial energy efficiency, and promote the green development of industry, this plan of action is formulated in accordance with the "13th Five-Year Plan for Industrial Green Development".

I. Overall requirements

Following the principle of voluntariness of enterprises, in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development of manufacturing industry and the reform of "release and control clothing", on the basis of continuously strengthening energy consumption management of enterprises and increasing energy-saving supervision, energy-saving services are continuously strengthened and market-oriented mechanism is perfected. Focusing on enterprises and industries with weak energy management foundation, we will intensify energy-saving diagnostic services to gradually promote and enhance industrial energy-saving to all industries, large and medium-sized enterprises in an all-round and in-depth manner. Considering the characteristics and different needs of regions and industries as a whole, we should do a good job in the top-level design of diagnostic services, give full play to the respective advantages of industrial and information authorities at all levels, trade associations, market-oriented organizations and enterprises of energy-saving diagnostic services, actively explore the promotion mode of combining government guidance with market mechanism, and implement it step by step in order to achieve practical results.

Recently, more than 3000 key enterprises are provided with energy-saving diagnostic services every year, a number of market-oriented organizations for energy-saving diagnostic services are fostered and strengthened, a number of energy-saving diagnostic standards for key industries are formulated, and a diagnostic service system combining public welfare and market-oriented is established.

II. Major Tasks

(1) Identification of diagnostic service objects

1.Supporting enterprises with weak energy management foundation to carry out diagnosis in an all-round way. Mainly for machinery, electricity, electronics, light industry, textile and other industries, focusing on enterprises with annual comprehensive energy consumption of 5000 to 1000 tons of standard coal (equivalent to annual raw coal consumption of about 7000 to 15000 tons, annual crude oil consumption of about 3500 to 7000 tons, annual natural gas consumption of about 4 million to 8 million cubic meters, annual comprehensive electricity consumption of about 40 million to 80 million kilowatt-hours), and fully supporting the development of these enterprises. Energy saving diagnosis.

2. Guiding key energy-consuming industries to carry out special diagnosis. Mainly for steel, building materials, petrochemical industry, non-ferrous metals and other industries with advanced technology, technology, equipment and relatively perfect energy management system, with annual comprehensive energy consumption of more than 10,000 tons of standard coal (equivalent to annual raw coal consumption of more than 15,000 tons, annual crude oil consumption of more than 7,000 tons, annual natural gas consumption of more than 8 million cubic meters, annual comprehensive electricity consumption of about 80 million tons). Enterprises with kilowatt-hour or more are encouraged to carry out energy-saving diagnosis independently.

(2) Define the content of diagnostic services

3. Make a good diagnosis of energy utilization, energy efficiency and energy management around the enterprise production process and main technical equipment. Firstly, the composition and consumption of energy consumption of enterprises are verified, energy balance tables are compiled, comprehensive energy consumption of enterprises is calculated, and weak links and prominent problems in energy utilization are found. Secondly, according to the characteristics of the industry, the energy consumption of the main processes and the comprehensive energy consumption per unit product are calculated, the energy efficiency level and actual operation of the main energy-saving equipment are evaluated, and the potential of the popularization and application of high-efficiency energy-saving equipment and advanced energy-saving technology is analyzed. Third, we should check the implementation of energy management measures, such as the establishment of energy management posts, the allocation of energy measuring instruments, and the establishment and implementation of energy statistics system.

4. For the process equipment with coal consumption as the main factor, the energy efficiency of coal-fired boilers and kilns is mainly diagnosed, and the potential of energy-saving technical transformation is analyzed. In light industry and textile industry, the application potential of high efficiency pulverized coal combustion, industrial circulating fluidized bed combustion, automatic control and remote monitoring technology is analyzed. In iron and steel industry, blast furnace and coke oven are mainly diagnosed, and the application potential of high parameter gas power generation, coke oven riser waste heat recovery and low and medium temperature waste heat recovery technology is analyzed. The application potential of mud rotary kiln firing system, thermal efficiency upgrading technology, advanced coal gasification technology in petrochemical industry, and high efficiency waste heat recovery technology in low-grade and middle-grade industries such as refining, coal chemical industry, calcium carbide, sulfuric acid and carbon black are analyzed.

5. equipment which is dominated by electricity consumption, the focus is on the diagnosis of the energy efficiency of electric motor system and electric kiln, and the analysis of the application potential of advanced energy-saving technology and equipment. Mechanical industry focuses on diagnosing transmission machinery and mining machinery, analyzing the application potential of switched reluctance motor speed regulation system, large elastic displacement non-contact synchronous permanent magnet drive technology; light industry focuses on diagnosing industrial air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, etc., analyzing the application potential of photovoltaic direct drive frequency conversion air conditioning technology; iron and steel industry focuses on diagnosing electric furnace steelmaking process, analyzing fully automatic closed charging technology, and so on. Application potential of scrap preheating technology; diagnostic aluminium reduction cell in non-ferrous metal industry, analysis of application potential of current strengthening technology and new structure electrolysis cell technology; key diagnostic calcium carbide production device in petrochemical industry, analysis of application potential of short-net comprehensive compensation technology.

6. For the process equipment with oil and gas consumption as the main factor, the energy efficiency of oil-fired and gas-fired boilers, kilns and energy conversion equipment for oil and gas resources is mainly diagnosed, and the potential of energy-saving technology application and energy conversion efficiency improvement is analyzed. Light industry and textile industry focus on diagnosing oil-fired and gas-fired boiler systems and analyzing the potential of coal-reduced gas substitution; building materials industry focus on the application of large tonnage kiln, one kiln multi-line forming technology, ceramic kiln application of low-temperature fast burning, wide cross-section large kiln and other technical equipment application potential; petrochemical industry focus on oil refining process application of plate air-cooling technology, ethylene production The application potential of enhanced heat transfer technology in radiation furnace tube and energy-saving natural gas conversion technology in ammonia synthesis production are discussed.

(3) Promoting the implementation of energy-saving technological transformation

7. After diagnostic work is completed, the market-oriented organization of energy-saving diagnostic service should assist enterprises to analyze and apply diagnostic results, put forward suggestions for energy-saving renovation around production process, technical equipment, system optimization, operation management and so on, and evaluate the expected comprehensive benefits. Enterprises should be encouraged to connect with market-oriented organizations of energy-saving services, energy-saving technology and equipment providers, implement energy-saving technological transformation by means of contract energy management, and follow up the implementation of the project and evaluate the effect of energy-saving and consumption-reducing.

(4) Strengthening the capacity-building of diagnostic services

8. Openly select and cultivate a group of market-oriented organizations and expert teams of energy-saving diagnostic services with high qualifications, good reputation and strong professionalism. According to the characteristics of main process equipment and energy consumption in different industries, the key contents and modes of energy-saving diagnosis are sorted out and refined in different industries, and guidelines and standards for energy-saving diagnosis are organized and compiled. Publish excellent cases and energy-saving renovation project database. Build energy-saving diagnostic data platform, establish energy structure, process technology, energy efficiency index database. Strengthen the training of local industrial and information energy-saving authorities, market-oriented organizations of energy-saving diagnostic services, energy-saving managers of industrial enterprises, interpret energy-saving laws and policies, and promote advanced energy-saving technology and equipment.

III. Safeguards

(1) Strengthen organizational leadership. The competent departments of industry and information technology should fully understand the important role of energy-saving diagnosis in promoting green development, coordinate energy-saving standards, monitoring and technological transformation, provide guidance in different sectors, formulate practical energy-saving diagnosis service measures, and give full play to the respective advantages of trade associations, market-oriented organizations and enterprises of energy-saving diagnosis service, so as to form joint efforts. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will issue a key work plan for energy-saving diagnosis every year.

(2) Increase policy support. We will support the development of energy-saving diagnostic services by utilizing relevant budgetary funds such as industrial energy conservation and green manufacturing. Making full use of existing policy means such as green manufacturing, energy saving and emission reduction, doing a good job of follow-up service for diagnosis, comprehensively utilizing financial and financial means such as technical renovation and green credit to support energy saving renovation projects based on the diagnosis results. Conditional areas are encouraged to adopt supporting policies.

(3) Promotion and exchange. Summarize the energy-saving diagnosis work of industrial enterprises in time, increase the propaganda of typical cases and work innovation mode, and improve the problems found in time. Develop energy-saving diagnostic exchanges among industrial enterprises, and strive to improve the energy-saving level of industrial enterprises.

The diagnosis work must follow the principle of voluntary participation of enterprises, and no additional burden should be imposed on enterprises. Choose market-oriented organizations with good reputation and strong specialty, adopt contract energy management and other market-oriented energy-saving service modes to provide high-quality, efficient and standardized energy-saving diagnostic services for enterprises. Competent departments of industry and information technology at all levels should strengthen guidance and eliminate compulsory services and charges. Those who violate the rules and increase the burden of enterprises shall be dealt with in accordance with the law.

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